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ClearCare Plus


ClearCare Plus has been proven to give you cleaner-feeling lenses, better overall lens comfort and more hours of comfortable lens wear versus multi-purpose solutions. With the exceptional cleaning action of hydrogen peroxide, Clear Care Plus with HydraGlyde deep cleans your lenses with the power of peroxide, then neutralizes into a gentle saline solution.

Clear Care, with its triple-action power, bubbles to actively clean and remove protein from your lenses.

Clear Care kills germs and bacteria that can cause eye infections.

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Opti-Free Puremoist


HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix is a proprietary wetting agent in OPTI-FREE PureMoist MPDS that provides comfort and moisture from insertion to removal.


  • Provides comfort and moisture - from insertion to removal
  • Reduces lipid deposition and removes protein for clear vision
  • Effective yet gentle formula that kills germs

How it works:

  1. In the lens case, HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix embeds itself on and within the lens surface to provide moist and hydrated lenses throughout the day.
  2. HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix provides a lubricating cushion of moisture for comfort from lens insertion to removal.


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Biotrue is inspired by the biology of your eyes. It goes beyond cleaning by being the only solution to bring together three bio-inspired innovations:

  • Has a lubricant found naturally in your eyes
  • Matches the pH of healthy tears
  • Keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active

Biotrue works like your eyes to provide you with the health and comfort your eyes deserve, so     you'll find it easier on your eyes.

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