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Dr. Paul Degenaer
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Should I rub my contacts during cleaning even though I use a One-Step solution?

For optimal disinfection of contact lens we always recommend that a rubbing step be added to the cleaning of contacts. 

Silicone Hydrogel Contacts - What are they?

The Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses are made with the newest and most innovative contact lens material available. This unique material allows the most oxygen to be transmitted to your cornea. It also allows the most water to be present in the contact for your eye. These features provide exceptional comfort and optimize corneal health.

Silicone Hydrogel Contacts - What wearing schedules are available?

These contacts are produced in both Daily Wear and Extended Wear products. They are available in two-week and monthly modalities.

How long does it take to adapt to contact lenses if I am a new wearer?

When you leave our office after your first visit, we advise to build up your adaptation time from 4 hours the first day, adding 2 hours each day afterward until your follow up visit. Most people adapt very quickly to the comfort of contacts.

I am a new wearer and during the first week my vision seems to be changing. Is there a problem?

It is quite normal for first time wearers to undergo changes in vision during the first week of wear. That is why it is important for you to keep your one week follow up visit with our office. 

What is the difference between daily wear and extended wear contacts?

The issue is one of corneal health and safety. Our corneas receive oxygen from the atmosphere. When we sleep in a contact lens we are depriving our corneas of even less oxygen which can lead to significant corneal problems.     Daily wear contacts are not designed for sleeping in and therefore do not have FDA approval for overnight wear.  Extended wear contacts are designed for this purpose and have FDA approval.

How often should I replace my extended wear contacts?

Depending on the type of your contact, Dr. Degenaer (following FDA guidelines)  will recommend the appropriate replacement schedule for your extended wear contacts. 

Are there contacts available if I wear bifocal eyeglasses?

Yes.  There are many contact lenses currently available in multi-focal/bifocal contact lens design options.                 In addition, our office stocks a wide range of parameters so that you can try lenses on your initial visit.

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